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Happelsauce is written by me, Annie Happel, a world wanderer and seeker of all things delicious. I grew up in Seattle, but have lived in a smattering of cities across the United States. In February 2009, I created this blog as a means of keeping my family and friends informed of my experiences while working on organic farms in France and Spain. I found great joy in both farming and writing. Farming brought me closer to the earth – its seasonal bounty inextricably linked with freshness and flavor that gets lost in the season-less aisles of our grocery stores. Writing helped me to process my thoughts, reflect and shed light on my journey in an entirely different way.

I returned to San Francisco in the summer of 2009 with a greater appreciation for the food I eat everyday and an insatiable urge to learn more and cook. Happelsauce is my outlet and my anchor while I learn about the origins of edibles and attempt to whip up lots of goodness in the kitchen.


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  1. What a great start this sounds like. So far I am intrigued and inspired by Annie Happel’s posts on Happeltizer, and I am looking forward to following her travels. Don’t forget that many flowers are edible (as well as nice to look at and to be around) so I hope to see photos or thoughts you have on the gardens you come across abroad, as well as the food, and farms, of course. Good luck!

  2. Moon! Off in to the world you go! I love it and am so excited for you! I love the blog and will check on you and your adventures often as I life vicariously through you! Safe travels! Much love, Pea 🙂

  3. Nana-bell,
    who knew??!! Not I; no clue you were selling all and heading to get your hands dirty…. Amazing. I read most of the books on your to read list, curious to see what you think and how it all fits into your adventures, my only question is how did this all come to pass? I will look forward to your blog updates, thanks for keeping us all posted. xoxox Natty-Ice

  4. Hey girl!
    El told me about your blog. Looks great!
    Naturally, I’m especially looking forward to hearing about France. Remind me to tell you some fun slang.

  5. amazing. inspiring and excellent writing. wow! Annie keep it up for more and longer than you want to — then come back and find a book agent.

  6. Annie, what a delightful website! I must visit more often. Your mom encouraged me to check out the Apricot Galette recipe, which I’ll very well bake tomorrow. It sounds yummy and looks lovely. Your writing is excellent! Miss and love you. Grammy sends her love from hot and muggy Tucson.

  7. Very cool, Annie! Can’t wait ’till I have a kitchen and can translate some of these recipes from the digital to a dish!

  8. Your posts are refreshing and youthful, LOVE it!! Especially the coco dipped jalepenos. Briliant! Digestible reading for sure and I couldn’t be more of a glutten. Keep it steamy, keep me full 🙂

  9. Hi Annie! I’m making Chocolate Collision Cookies soon. Yum. Hey, how do I subscribe to Happelsauce? Can’t seem to figure it out. You’re a wonderful writer. And that photo of the back of you is terrific! Love, Cary

  10. Hi Cary! I just added a subscription link to the homepage so you can enter your email address and get updates every time I post. Thanks for getting Happelsaucey. Love you.

  11. Hi. Steve and Janis living in Bozeman. Have had the pleasure of meeting your folks and enjoying a few meals together. CD does wax on about her daughter. We enjoyed your Summer Solstice Brussels Sprouts at their home the other night so we are serving it tomorrow to accompany porchetta. Understand you will be here over the holidays. Hopefully we will meet. Possibly you can meet my wife Janis and her wood fired oven. Steve

  12. Hey Annie,
    It was nice meeting you at the Ferry Plaza Farm Market last weekend. Thanks for picking up a bottle of our farm’s Gravenstein hard cider!

    How about a blog entry on local cider producers and pairing food with ciders? Give as a holler if you’re interested.

    Hunter Wade
    Devoto Gardens
    Apple Sauced Cider

  13. Hunter! I’m heading down to the market again tomorrow. Will you be there? Let’s discuss a potential post on cider producers and pairings. Hope to talk soon.

  14. Hey Annie,
    My wife, Jolie and her dad were at the market this past Saturday – I personally won’t be there for a few weeks because we’re busy on the farm, planting more orchards and grafting at this time of year. So the easiest thing may be to send me an email if you want to discuss the potential post on cider producers and pairings – sounds like fun! devotogardens@gmail.com

  15. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which
    makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more
    often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Superb work!

  16. Hey, Annie. You may not remember me, but I had the pleasure of working with your dad for a good number of years and playing softball with your mom. I looked up your blog after seeing a reference in the latest publication of The Blue Dress Cookbook and just love what you are doing there. My passion away from real estate is learning how to grow better veggies in our raised beds and then turning them into some of my favorite Italian dishes, so what you’re doing really speaks to me 😉 Keep up the good work! Heaven knows the earth needs more friends, and we all love to eat great food….

  17. Hi Peni! I’ve been meaning to reply to your kind note for far too long. Of course I remember you! So happy to hear you’re doing well and I’m delighted that you have discovered Happelsauce. I promise to post more recipes in the coming weeks. I’ve been slacking lately. Your favorite food suggestions and thoughts are welcomed!

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