Granola In Paradise

granola in paradise

I’ve been wanting to write. I really have. The thing is…I spilled water on my computer.

And it broke.

I tried submerging it in rice.

lucky rice

No luck.

The Apple Genius fixed it up (hundreds and hundreds of dollars later) with a brand new hard drive, keyboard, mousepad and more.  But I lost my photos and my music – those mouthwatering shots of homemade Vietnamese bun noodle bowls. The hip hop mix that Hazel made me.  Poof! Gone.

Lately, I’ve spent far too much of my time at the Apple store. The Geniuses and I know each other by name.  At this very moment, I’m transferring data from my old laptop to my “recovered” laptop at the store on Chestnut Street. I figure I may as well type out a quick blog post from the fancy display desktop while I wait. Happelsauce can roll with the punches! Who needs Apple Care when you’ve got Happel Care?

Fortunately my dear friend Katie has supplied me with a few delicious photos. She got married at the end of July on Orcas Island. It was a glorious weekend. Perfectly sunny, pine-scented, love-filled and quintessentially Pacific Northwest.

Orcas view

When I called Katie to ask if there was anything I could do to help out before her wedding, she made one request. “Would you make your granola for me?” She and Marc were taking off for the Maldives on their honeymoon and she was unsure of the breakfast situation far, far away. Granola would make it good. I baked a triple batch of my very favorite recipe and stuffed it into my suitcase.  Jet set oats.


When Katie got home, she sent me a few photos of her beach side breakfast ritual. Granola, yogurt, cappuccino, blue skies and endless ocean.

Gra-nola in paradise

Heaven on earth with almonds sliced

Not too particular, not too precise

Just a bowl o’ granola in paradise…


Golden and Grateful Granola. Now it’s your turn to try it…


2 thoughts on “Granola In Paradise

  1. just now reading about how you lost Hazel’s hip hop mix, not to mention photos. sad! love you. and please make granola for December in Bozeman paradise. xoxo

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