Fresh from the Farmers Market: It’s Goat Time!

It’s alive! Fresh from the Farmers Market hit the small screen on Sunday night, airing on Free Speech TV at 6pm PT.

Go on and get goaty…


6 thoughts on “Fresh from the Farmers Market: It’s Goat Time!

  1. Watched yor first episode with the girls last night, so fun to see you out and about enjoying the market. Who knew?? Goat caramel? I need to try a taste of that creation! And it doesn’t hurt your tummy. 🙂

  2. Wow Gal! Terrific start. The goats (alive and animated) were as cute as can be. You were too, along with Saucy and sweet. Good info, fun show. Great going! XOXOXOX from your biggest fans. Pom & Hen

  3. Just saw your goat show – Terri got it from Julie’s facebook. Your looked and sounded great! What’s next?

  4. I caught the last half of the show on FSTV tonight. Eggs! The radio show afterwards was fun, too.

    Good job — I’m just sorry I’m missed the goat episode, and can’t seem to get the DVR to find next week’s episode.

    Going to have to talk to Dish and FSTV about getting their collective act together …

    Keep it up. 🙂

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