Happy Things, Big and Small

These past couple of months have tested me. Replete with unexpected changes, I can go from feeling fine to despondent in seconds. Then something happens that lifts me out of my heaviness – a violinist floods the BART station with hopeful sounds during my morning commute, a friend leaves me a voicemail that makes me laugh, I find a full punch card nestled between receipts in my wallet and get a free latte. Little, happy things. And one big, stupendously happy thing.

First, more of the little, happy things…

Hudson, my friend Amanda’s new puppy.

Cooking spring risotto with Julie and her happy boys.

Spring onions.


Pastured eggs from happy hens at Rolling Oaks Ranch.

Now for that big, stupendously happy thing…

There’s going to be a new TV show about some things that bring me great joy – farmers markets, food, the Bay Area. That alone, is good news. But, it gets better. I am the show’s host and co-producer! I’m pinching myself as I write, but it’s true! The show is called Fresh from the Farmers Market.  It will be centered around the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, a place that has always been special to me. We start filming next week.

It all happened so fast, as many good things seem to do. I was at the audition – twirling lettuce leaves around in a dish towel like I learned to do on La Ferme Belmont in France. And then, just like that, I got the call that I’d landed the job. The press release went out today and it’s now official news. To learn more about the show, read this. And, while you’re at it, like this!

I am so excited. A little anxious. And absolutely determined to make the show the very best it can be. I have a remarkable opportunity to educate viewers – some who’ve never even set foot in the Bay Area – about our land, our farms and farmers, sustainable agriculture, our chefs,  our seasons, and the fascinating journey from farm to fork. Host Happelsauce, at your service! I’m planning on learning a great deal and sharing with you on this little blog of mine. Stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “Happy Things, Big and Small

  1. Truly AMAZING happy, happelsauce news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ps- I am ready to be a hungry, farmers market-shopping extra!

  2. can i get tix to a live filming? i can’t wait for my Happelsister to handle. love you! and excited for you. could not think of a better host. what, btw, is your favorite thing you could find at a farmer’s market? oh, and, Julie’s boys are adorable. as is Hudson. i need a little dose of joy these days, too. xoxoxoxo

  3. You are going to be great!!!!! You know your stuff, you are passionate, with knockout looks. Give them hell.
    It is blending so much of what you have wanted to do for a long time.
    Don’t forget Rebs is a great coach and confidence builder.

    Lauren and I went to the Alameda Swap meet on Sunday and I could not believe the number of food trucks. Antiques, the water and great good. Who could ask for anything more?

    You might as well start at the top as host and producer. Susan F.

  4. Susan! Thanks so much for your support and vote of confidence! Lauren and I are going to a concert on Saturday. Will be great to see her. Hope to see you soon. Lots of love.

  5. Wonderful!!!! A blending of everything you love. You will be great. You know your subject, you are passionate and a knockout to boot. Lauren and I just went to the Alameda Antique Fair on Sunday. Antiques, the water and dozens of food trucks. What could be better. Don’t forget Rebs is a great coach and confidence builder. She got my feet pointed in the direction last year when I had a big presentation to make.

    Might as well start at the top as host and producer. Now the real work begins!

    Susan F.

  6. Annie! I’m so excited for you – you will be fabulous and enormously successful, I know. Enjoy everything about your journey and let us know when we can catch the show! Congratulations!

  7. Annie,
    Seattle friends, who savored many wonderful meals in your home of origin, congratulate your success with this golden opportunity. They chose a gem of a woman to host this show and we can’t wait to watch it. Your road has led you to just the right place.
    We know and love the fabulous market…our nephew has worked in the terminal for years for the city. Maggie and Walt Carr

  8. Nugget – this is so exciting! I’m so happy for you and know you will be amazing. This is big good news for all fans of happelsauce and annie happel. Miss you – come to Seattle for a visit soon.

  9. Nana, this is absolutely fantastic. D and I will be on the countdown for your first episode. Can’t wait! Love you

  10. Oh my gosh we are thrilled for you, LIttle Orpah Annie, we knew you’d do it and do it well!!!!
    The Zulaufs xo

  11. Congratulations, Farmer Girl! I am so proud and not surprised you found your niche. Love from Tucson, Cary

  12. Congratulations Annie! Being great fans of farmer’s markets we will look forward to your spreading the word on the scene in SF.


  13. Happelsauce is officially overwhelmed with love! Thanks so much for all of the considerate comments and for believing in me. The show will be a grand experiment and I take much comfort in knowing that I’ve got so much support from all of you.

  14. Congratulations Annie you will be wonderful! Be sure to let us know how we can catch the show, and keep those great recipes coming!
    Love, Julie & Jody

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