Spoon Fed Fan

I went to a book reading by Kim Severson, The New York Times journalist and food writer, at Omnivore the other night. Full disclosure, I think I somewhat expect all professional food writers to be persnickety and plump. It’s a disappointing truth, to realize such a thing of oneself. Completey unfair. Ridiculous! Especially considering the fact that I write about food. Anyway, Kim smashed my silly expectiations and assumptions to bits. She was charming and honest and refreshing.

After the reading, my friend Emilie and I introduced ourselves and asked her to sign our books. Kim wanted to know what I did for a living. I told her, then I mentioned that I have a little food blog. “What’s it called?” she asked. “Happelsauce. My last name is Happel, soooo…” I said. She laughed, signed my copy of Spoon Fed, promised to check out this little blog o’ mine, and mentioned something about making me a star. I swear. She really did. And look at what she wrote…

Day made.


6 thoughts on “Spoon Fed Fan

  1. Kim Severson has sold a book in Bozeman and Happelsauce has another fan. Now begins the wait for your book, Sweet Anno Happelsauce. You’ve got what it takes. XOXOXOXOXOX Pom

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