Happy Birthday, Happelsauce!

Dear Happelsauce,

You were born Happeltizer on February 27, 2009 in Park Slope, Brooklyn at 7:14pm, all lowercase letters and love. Now, exactly one year later, you continue to light up my life.

From Brooklyn to Barcelona to Belmont to the Bay. From fond farewells to good luck charms. And, of course, from “tizer” to “sauce.” You’ve come a long way, baby. Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without you.

So, Happy Birthday!! May this next year be even better than the last…

Love always,


P.S.  In typical Saturday morning style, I paid a visit to the Noe Valley Farmers Market. This time I brought my camera to capture a few birthday memories before making off with my goods. When I got home, I whipped up a salad (fresh greens, pear, blackberries*, toasted pumpkin seeds and crumbled Blue Valdeon cheese), took more photos and toasted to you! After all, every post deserves a photo. And a birthday post deserves the best.

*The blackberries were a splurge. I know it’s not berry season, but they sounded so delish and Whole Foods had samples and I couldn’t resist.  The blackberries came from Mexico. Not exactly local, but better than the blueberries from New Zealand – that’s one giant carbon footprint for a littleittybitty berry.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Happelsauce!

  1. What a milestone! Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Happelsauce in the whole wide world. Hope you are having one whale of a saucy day. XOXOXOXO and love from Pom and Hen

  2. Bon Fet, Happeltizer!

    I hope that the delicious Colombian bakery breads will appear on your pages soon.

    I also suggest a tribute to kale and brussel sprouts. Every time I eat these two veggies I think of how lucky I am to be a human.

    Love you, Anno! And congratulations on a year of spreading the sauce, spice, and love.


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