Life’s A Peach

I’ve been trying to treat my weekends as they should be treated – like wide open windows with endless views that beg for exploration. So, on Saturdays and Sundays I don’t spend all day in front of my computer job hunting. Instead, I try to enjoy my little spot in the world while attempting to leave the smallest possible monetary footprint in my wake. And, I did a good job last weekend. I felt like the Bay opened her arms and gave me a long hug. It was the kind of hug that says, “Welcome Back! I’ve missed you.” Without uttering a word.

It helped that I kicked off the weekend early by volunteering on opening night at SF Chefs. Food.Wine. in San Francisco’s Union Square.  Liz, my friend and old co-worker at OpenTable, was consulting for the event and kindly looped me in. Tickets for the evening’s festivities were sold for $125, but I could attend for free as long as I lent a helping hand. I was assigned to the Redwood Hill Farms goat cheese table. Really good goat cheese. The California Crottin was my favorite.

Redwood Hill Farms cheese platter of goodness

But, it turned out that they didn’t need much help. So I kept my “Staff All-Access” pass prominently displayed around my neck and headed to the front of the tent for the opening reception press conference and ribbon-cutting ceremony. And I pretended that I was press. Very important press.

Mayor Newsom and Hosts

I would check in at the Redwood Hill Farms table periodically throughout the evening to skewer the raw milk feta onto small rounds of baguette and talk to guests, but mostly I was free to enjoy. Before the doors officially opened I met Dave, a tequila distributor and connoisseur.  He poured me tastes of his favorite tequilas and introduced me to his industry friends. A joyful buzz enveloped me early on and stayed with me all night long while I sampled creations by the newest generation of San Francisco “Rising Star Chefs and Bartenders.” My buzz wasn’t entirely of the tequila kind, I promise. The night hummed with energy and inspiration – from the food and the drinks and their patchwork of flavors.

Wine for everyone

We built this city on...bread.

Monterey squid with fresh corn from Moss Room

And all of this before my weekend even began. I was off to a very good start. Two of my best and oldest friends were in town for different weddings in the Bay. I got to spend time with them both. Then on Saturday afternoon, I drove to Muir Beach and hiked in the fog. The path forked at various spots and my last turn spit me out in the bountiful gardens of the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center. Exactly where I wanted to be. My joyful buzz still buzzing.

Fence. Fog. Ocean.

Green Gulch Farm

I left a peach in the car cup holder while I was hiking and when I returned it was warm to the touch. I ate it on my way back to Oakland. It was the best peach I’ve ever had. I took a photo to remember. A quick nohandsonthewheel shot.

Life's a peach

A Perfect Peach

Serves 1

Place a fragrant, ripe peach in your car. I’ve been buying mine from Frog Hollow Farm. Or, if you don’t have a car, place it in a paper bag in the sun. Wait a couple of hours. Eat with a napkin to sop up the juice.


5 thoughts on “Life’s A Peach

  1. Hi Annie- I love this post. Picturing you mingling with the SF chefs and foodies just makes me smile. Keep writing! I love keeping up with your journey. It was great seeing your parents last weekend. Hope our paths cross again soon. Take care!

  2. Write on, Anno! Thanks for the wide open window on your weekend. We heart Happelsauce. XOXOXOXOXO Pom

  3. Hi Kristi! It makes me smile that you actually read my blog!! My mom said it was so wonderful to see you and your boys. I wish I could’ve joined you! Hope it’s not too long until our paths cross again.

  4. I love the “Peach for 1” recipe.
    And the photo is amazing.
    All of the photos are amazing.

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