My Neighbor, Novella

This interview with Novella Carpenter, Oakland’s urban farmer-in-chief, is worth listening to. I’m going to drive by her farm soon. It’s only a couple of miles from me. If she’s there, I’ll be sure to say hello and offer to help – harvest tomatoes, clean the chicken coop, whatever! Who says WWOOFing can’t take place in your own backyard?

Novella Carpenter took over an empty lot next to her apartment in Oakland’s gritty Ghost Town neighborhood, and over the years turned it into a lush garden and farm complete with bees, chickens, rabbits and even pigs. Urban farms are popping up in even the most cramped corners of densely populated cities, fueled by a desire for good food and a closer relationship with what we eat. Carpenter joins us to talk about her new book, “Farm City.”

LISTEN HERE: Farm City: Novella Carpenter on KQED Public Radio


3 thoughts on “My Neighbor, Novella

  1. Your salad looks delicious. A slice of life.

    I’m in charge of making a green salad for our dinner for 6 tonight. Will you give me a few ingredients? An idea and then I’ll run with it? I plan to use the Boullion, lemon, oil dressing (which I like with a dash of rice wine vinegar).

    I love you and wish you were in the cloudy 206.

  2. Oh hi Hazel! I’m flattered that you’re asking me for salad advice. You make a mean salad yourself! I love putting fresh fruit in summer salads. Here’s what I would do…mixed greens with goat cheese, macrona almonds, quartered fresh figs (in season now and so good!) and a few handfuls of your favorite ripe berries? Instead of putting chicken bullion in the dressing, try just using fresh lemon juice, shallots, olive oil and sherry vinegar. I made Pom throw away her bullion cubes because they have MSG in them, among other nasty things. Have fun in the kitchen and let me know how your salad turns out! I love you.

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