Marseille For The Night

I left the farm in the French Pyrenees this morning and am en route to Nice to meet my friend Sarah for our whirlwind “Brooklyn Does Baguettes” tour of the Riviera. I just walked down to the Vieux Port in Marseille to see a bit of the city before dark and grabbed some Vietnamese spring rolls for a picnic en chambre. I am now nestled in my cheap room at a little hotel across from the train station, poaching internet from a French neighbor. Bon chance! I have several entries to post due to a lack of electricity and internet this past week. I will post date them, so please READ BELOW FOR UPDATES. Merci!


One thought on “Marseille For The Night

  1. I just caught up on all your adventuring since you left Coin! Holy crap, have you been busy! So glad the restauranteering went well, and was tasty. I laughed at your tales of the farm in the Pyrenees, and hope your trip over to the Riviera is every bit as good — but perhaps not quite so rustic.

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