Each place setting was adorned with two small envelopes. One read, “150 min…rebel!” and printed on the note card inside, “150 minutes to feel embarassed, flustered, fed up. 150 minutes of suffering.The other card read, “15o min…submit!” and printed on the note card inside, “150 minutes to feel, imagine, reminisce, discover. 150 minutes to contemplate.”

Our choice wouldn’t effect the meal. I think both cards were there to remind us that this food would be different and maybe unlike anything we had ever tasted. I was ready to submit…

Our Menu:

CARPACCIO accompanied by a sweet and sour dressing, Idiazabal cheese chippings and vegetable splinters.

FOSSILIZED SALSIFY WITH ALGAE TOPS finished with a briny roe.

SPIDER CRAB with Jerusalem artichokes.

SEA URCHIN dressed with sweet vegetable nectar. Long black peppercorns.

Barbecue-smoked SCALOPE OF FOIE-GRAS, mustard seeds and leaves.

LOIN OF SOLE, under a salted seasoning of chicory leaves and a reduction of the bones.

A PIECE OF MILK VEAL, ROASTED AND PERFUMED WITH VINE CUTTING EMBERS and fragments of thyme, cinders, salts and crisp radishes.

Tradition, ocean and land: Braised IBERIAN PORK TAILS and pan fried LANGUOSTINES. Reduced braising juices infused with Iberian jamon.

LEAVES, FRUITS AND FLOWERS: “Sagasti solla lotan, abar makur naspil; zelaiek, orbelpean, ametsetan Orril, txori gaxeoi aztu gau latzaren urbil; aizenoa lillurak otxanduta dabil.” Xabier Lizardi (1931) Izotz-ondoko eguzki.

WARM PUMPKIN BITE with sweet and bitter accents.

Interpretation of vanity: MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE, cold almond cream and cocoa bubbles.


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