Tranquila en Sevilla

Sevilla felt like storybook Spain. The streets are lined with orange trees. Strangers are friends. And, the city smells good – a mix of citrus blossoms, sunshine and sangria. If I could bottle the scent and take it with me, I would.

Victoria and I arrived on Tuesday evening and found Sevilla bustling. This week is Feria, an annual fair that falls at the end of April and early May. It is a weeklong celebration of Andalusian life – horses, flamenco and wine abound. The women dress in colorful, traditional dresses wear big flowers in their hair. Horse-drawn carriages carry families to the fairgrounds, where they settle in a caseta (private-party tent) to eat and drink and be merry. Feria felt almost entirely local. It was a true Andalusian family affair. Subtract Victoria and I from the equation and I swear there were only a handful of foreigners walking around. As a tourist in a sea of locals I played my role, attempting to snap photos without drawing attention, but having limited success. I told Victoria that I didn’t like looking like a tourist. “But you are a tourist!” was her response. Good point. I guess I just don’t want to be.


One thought on “Tranquila en Sevilla

  1. I’m leaving the finca today! Am super excited to be going to France. You’ll be happy to know that I started ‘mulching’ the Easter Garden today–layers of newspaper covered with straw! We’re still trying to figure out how much water to give the darn thing.

    Horses are good. Dogs are good. Trixie will not stop whining for champagne. Life is depressingly banana-breadless without you. Weather is GORGEOUS. Why am I leaving again?

    Hope France is amazing! I’ll soon be seeing it myself! Pourquoi pas?

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