French Eggs and WiFi

This evening I moved out of Somnio Hostel and into Eulalia’s flat. Si, yo tengo un cuarto en un apartemento en Barcelona! I met Eulalia the day that Anais and I attended the opera. They’re good friends and classmates at the Escuela Superior de Musica de Catalunya (ESMUC). Eulalia offered me the spare room in her apartment that day, but I insisted that I didn’t need it because I was moving to a new hostel and I would be heading south in a few days. After spending five nights at Somnio, Eulalia’s invitation still stood, so I took her up on it. Lee and Lauren were absolutely wonderful hostel hosts, but I couldn’t stay there forever. Plus, the idea of spending a few nights in a big apartment for free with Spanish roommates was too good to pass up. So generous of Eulalia!

Right now I’m sitting on the couch, Eulalia to my left and Marc on my right. We’re all on our laptops. Tienen WiFi! (One of the many things I love about the language here…they don’t say WiFi like “why figh”, instead it’s “wee fee”. So great.) There are three other roommates whom I have yet to meet – Pachi from Chile, Jorge from Argentina, and Raul from Spain. I’m staying in their attic. I have a window and a bed and I couldn’t be happier. Marc made Eulalia eggs for dinner and he asked me if I wanted a “tortilla de Francesa” as well. “Como?”, I replied. “French eggs!”, said Eulalia. French eggs? Ohhh, an omelette! I love it. Neither Eulalia or Marc speak much English and my Spanish is malo, but we’re making it work. I so badly want to learn. As long as my new roommates stick to speaking Spanish in front of me (and not Catalan ), then I’m bound to improve.

Before moving today, I met Anais at ESMUC. We watched Edwin perform his final exam for his professor. He plays the theorbo. It looks like a long, many stringed, ancient guitar. There were five pieces performed in all, for three of them Edwin and his theorbo were accompanied by a violin and an organ.When I closed my eyes and just listened, it sounded like Edwin was playing at least three guitars simultaneously – the sound was so varied and beautiful. When the mini-concert was over, the three of us headed back to their apartment to cook lunch. Anais and I stopped by the Santa Catarina market and bought veggies, tuna and olives for our salad, a bottle of wine, and a loaf of bread. Edwin cooked the pasta with zucchini and onion and we ate outside in the sunshine on their little rooftop deck. Yo estuve contento.

It’s almost 11pm and I would like to head to bed before too long. A couple of photos and then mi cama. Buenas noches!


One thought on “French Eggs and WiFi

  1. Sounds as though you are having a blast! I am so happy for you so proud of you taking on Barcelona.

    Love Grammy

    Ps Chech your email ?

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