Goodbye Park Slope

tonight is my very last night at my apartment in park slope, brooklyn. i have loved living there for so many reasons. first and foremost, my neighborhood friends are wonderful. i’ll miss hosting dinners at my place, sunday night homemade pizza and wine at the parrys, meeting for an after work drink at the wine bar down the street. then there is my favorite park (and apparently Olmsted’s too) , grocery shopping at the food coop, hot-out-of-the-oven muffins at blue sky bakery, and the list goes on.

Living Room

if these walls could talk...

i successfully sold most of my furniture. last week i posted flyers on each floor of my building advertising, “apartment sale saturday – everything must go!” neighbors knocked, bought mostly little things that i otherwise wouldn’t have sold – candles, old books, a magnetic knife strip, my blender. it feels good to de-clutter. and it was nice to meet the people with whom i’ve been sharing walls for the past nine months. if only i’d had a moving IN sale. my apartment sale combined with my efforts on craigslist now amount to a pretty sparse looking pad. tomorrow morning a woman comes to pick up my bed and my lamp. then ellie is going to help me move my boxes and duffels out. and i’ll probably never see my little apartment 4C again. parting is such sweet sorrow.

i’ll stay with ellie in prospect heights until i leave for barcelona on march 11th. we haven’t lived under the same roof since high school. i’m looking forward to it. she told me she’s cleaning tonight in preparation for my stay. what a gal! i’m bringing kombucha as a housewarming gift. we will kick off our co-habitation by toasting our sisterly love with the effervescent, ancient chinese tea that we’re both mildly addicted to. i might ask that we establish a mandatory spanish hour every night before bed. ellie is fluent. i am far from it. couldn’t hurt. “buenas noches, mi hermana. dulces suenos!” that sort of thing.


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